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41% Gain on SP500 In 14 Months

Thursday, June 27, 2024

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 📈 **41% Return on SP500 (SPY) in 14 Months!**

Joe, the SP500 hasn't gone up 41% in the last 14 months? How is the possible?

Here’s the story behind it:

Using our proprietary "Index Strategy," the SPY delivered a remarkable 41% gain from March 2023 to the present. With our strategy's built-in stop-loss mechanism, investors were shielded from the risk of catastrophic losses.

An advisor recently shared, "This is my new American Equity chart".
I thought, wow, that’s a cool thought!

For example, by investing $500k into the SPY, you could have acquired 1,250 shares based on our system-generated signal. On July 26, 2023, we signaled to close out the position. The buy signal was active from November 7, 2023, to the present.

Investors had the option to realize profits in March/April 2024 or remain invested until now. This is just one approach within our "IN & OUT" portfolio for the S&P 500.
Why rely on third-party managers and gut feelings to manage your clients' money? Don't wait for a market downturn to take action. Our system helps you navigate the market, preserving your clients' assets and avoiding bear markets. Why earn returns just to give them back? Trusting third-party managers might leave you and your clients vulnerable during market corrections.

Empower yourself and your team by learning to use our system. If you can sell complex insurance products, you can certainly learn to manage money effectively. Your clients expect you to be knowledgeable in asset management—don’t let them be shocked by market corrections that reveal the truth.

A major market correction is on the horizon. Act now before it’s too late.
​Interested in learning more? Send me a PM! Ask about our team coming to your office for a company training. 

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