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Attract More Affluent Clients To Your Financial Practice

Friday, February 23, 2024

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🚀 Ready to skyrocket your success in closing those coveted 2 to 5 million dollar cases? Look no further than the AUM Navigator - your ultimate secret weapon in the finance game! 🌟
As we wrap up the week, the market continues its upward surge. In the world of finance, bull markets die hard!

"We Are Here" - marking our current location on the SP500 (a crucial benchmark for most portfolios), it's essential to gauge the market temperature accurately. Yet, many advisors are just waking up to the bullish reality, leaving their clients to miss out on significant gains. 📈

Let's face it: some advisors aren't adept at managing their (AUM) but yet they have a 65 license saying the know how. Excuses wear thin, and savvy clients won't hesitate to seek better service elsewhere. The "Advisor's Edge" training is here to change the game, empowering you to navigate the market like a seasoned pro! 💼

Many rely on third parties to handle everything, or they are delusional, thinking that because they are with big firms like Fidelity or Schwab, they have the world's best tools! Sorry, Jack, to break it to you, but that's not the case. (The executives and top advisor's at these firms know they have to convince people to buy their positions when they're ready to sell. Just saying...)

Lets look at this current together:

If you're holding a qualified "Growth Portfolio," now's the perfect time to secure some profits and shift gears into fixed income or money market. Anticipate resistance at the upper side of the regression channel, signaling a potential pullback and a re-entry opportunity in the future. 📊

Picture this: instruct your third-party manager or trade desk to raise cash in your top 20 qualified growth portfolios, then reallocate it into short-duration fixed income or money market instruments until the market cycle bottoms out. 🔄

Not yet seeing the full picture? Well most of the setting are turned off and not viewable in the picture. The AUM Navigator awaits you as a member of "Advisor's Edge," providing comprehensive analysis to drive your financial strategies. Our training and tools "improve compliance" keeping you and your clients on the right side of the market.

​Mark your calendars for the next live class on May 9th-11th. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your financial to elite status! 💪

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Joe & Candice Casey

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