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Bitcoin Halving Event Will Power Many Cryptos to Massive Returns

Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Prepare yourself for the upcoming crypto wealth-building opportunity.

The window opens on April 22, 2024 (coincidentally my birthday), heralding the next "Bitcoin halving." This crucial event has occurred exactly three times previously: on November 28, 2012, July 9, 2016, and May 11, 2020.

During these past events, early investors had the chance to secure gains ranging from 5,000% to an astounding 300,000% in just 18 months or less. This significant event, renowned for its substantial returns, is happening again, suggesting the potential beginning of the fourth crypto bull market.

Bitcoin Halving Boosts Other Cryptos to Sky-High Levels

Each major crypto bull market has been sparked by these halving events. A Bitcoin halving is a prearranged event that occurs roughly every four years. It reduces miner rewards, decelerates the creation of new Bitcoins, and is a crucial part of Bitcoin's design to regulate its supply.

It's easy to understand that when you halve the supply of something, prices naturally increase. As illustrated in the chart below, this is precisely what has transpired after each Bitcoin halving.

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In 2020, I enrolled in MIT to study their blockchain and cryptocurrency program and earned certification. During my time there, I delved deeply into this technology and recognized its enduring significance. The institution highlighted that many banks, the SEC, and others were secretly developing extensive cryptocurrency departments, while simultaneously attempting to divert the public's attention away from crypto. Their strategy was aimed at slowing adoption until they could establish a foothold in this asset class.   

The next 12-18 months are poised to be monumental for the crypto asset class. BTC is expected to rise by several dozen percent. However, the real explosive growth will come from altcoins, which encompass every crypto except BTC. By selecting the right ones, you could potentially see gains ranging from 10,000% to 300,000%.

​I will be releasing a white paper in the coming weeks detailing my crypto portfolio. I'm informing you in advance so you can prepare your finances. When I unveil my portfolio, it will be the optimal time to invest.

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