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Gold Futures - Six Figure Trade

Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Gold Futures - (GC) - Yippy do da! Gold put in a "Touch & Go" move a few days ago. I love this 6 Figure Trade setup because you let the market come to you. No chasing the market blindly.

Financial Advisor/Business Owner - This would have taken about an hour to do the chart work, place a pending order, and enter the trade. Once your order was filled there is nothing more to do. You simply work your business, spend time with your clients, etc and let your money do the work.

Plus, I called this trade in our coaching group a couple weeks ago. It doesn't get much easier than this unless I come over and do it for you. Talk about paying for your marketing, or expanding your business, or building your cash flow. We do this stuff every week in our 6-Figure Trader program.

Talk about passing a legacy down to your children! Teach them how to trade the market! If you register for the training we allow your son/daughter to attend free of charge.

I have a few seats left in our May 9th-11th training. The result speaks for itself. The best part is once you learn this stuff it doesn't change much. I am teaching live classes on limited bases so if you are thinking about doing the live training don't wait. - All Rights Reserved 9462 Brownsboro Rd
Louisville KY 40241

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