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Market Update & Outlook Feb 27 2024

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Primary Blog/Stock Market/Market Update & Outlook Feb 27 2024
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Our AUM Navigator is indicating continued strong bullish momentum! The price is steadily climbing towards the upper edge of the regression channel. Here's what I anticipate happening next:

1. **Potential Correction:**

Price might bounce off the channel's top and undergo a correction (pullback).

2. **Extreme Bullish Action:**

There's a chance of intense bullish activity, pushing the price through the channel followed by a sudden pullback.

3. **Sideways Movement:**

Alternatively, the price could hit the channel's top and move sideways for a while.
So, what's the game plan? I'm adjusting my qualified growth-focused portfolio by raising 20-40% cash. This cash will be shifted to short-duration fixed income or the money market. I'll patiently wait for a re-entry signal from the price action. Remember, I'm not completely exiting the market as there's still potential upside!

The key? Navigating the market effectively! This approach will supercharge the overall performance regardless if you are using 3rd party managers or doing it yourself. Your job as a financial advisor is to direct your 3rd party managers. Let's stay sharp and capitalize on the opportunities ahead!

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